Vacuum Thermoforming Machinery
- Heavy Gauge Deep-Draw Thermoforming -

This equipment offers a full range of vacuum thermoforming capabilities engineered in one economical package.

Vacuum thermoforming equipment can be engineered for large structural plastic parts and co-production of smaller components offering a feasible vacuum forming solution to meet your company's needs.

This system supports dual forming stations with fixed, centered radiant heater panels shared by both forming areas offering substantial savings on energy and over all equipment cost.

Note: Belovac LLC can offer fully integrated automated options on all E-Class equipment.

Dual Station
Model BV Dual Station 53" x 103" (custom sizes available) draw 32" (81cm)

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Dual Station

Equipment Specifications:

  • Sheet size standard 53" x 103" (Custom sizes available at request)
  • Depth of draw 32 inches
  • Fully adjustable material clamping
  • Tooling table: 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting
  • Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit
  • Heater Panel: 88,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
  • Vacuum Pump: High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 80 Gallon surge tank
  • Construction: Heavy wall 5" tubular frame

  • Recommended for plastics Acrylic - Polycarbonate - ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene
  • Plastic gauges up to 3/8" (.64cm)

  • Electric Requirements:
  • Power requirement: 240 - 480 three phase
Model BV E-Class 53" x 33" or 53" x 53"

Double-Ended Shuttle Vacuum Former

Dual Station

Standard and Optional upgrades
Standard: Heat percentage control Option: PLC heat multi zone control
image3 image4
Standard: Radiant cal heaters Option: Ceramic radiant heaters
image5 image7
Standard: On bored vacuum system Option: Independent vacuum station
image9 image10
Standard: Plastic clamping frame two bolts aliment brackets fully adjustable
image11 image10
Option: Pneumatic Plastic Clamping Standard: Vacuum 1 HP Pump
image image
Option: Over head assist upper tooling allows plugs and inverted tooling
image image
Option: Tooling Travel 32''(81cm) Dual Cylinder Spur and Rack Guided
image image
SIDE VIEW Double Ender
Double Ender 5