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Bel-O-Vac Industries offers complete tooling services from conception to production.

Tooling Development

Through the years we have innovated many pioneering tooling techniques to keep your costs to a minimal investment and ensure, due to our turnkey policy, a quick turn around on your project.
Aluminum cast tooling being cut
Here is an innovative cooling technique whereby the cooling coils are wrapped into the aluminum casting and then sprayed with an aluminum alloy to integrate the coils into to the tooling.  This reduces cost over traditional cooling methods and ensures hi production cycling:
Cooling coils being integrated with aluminum casting
Bel-O-Vac also offers low cost tooling such as: 
  • Poured and filled epoxy/urethane
  • Sand casted and polished tools
  • CNC type tooling
finished tool for thermoforming plastic food trays