Belovac Industries offers a wide variety of Vacuum Forming Machine Options. This BV-E-Class 53" x 33" (135 x 84cm) production vacuum forming equipment has all the same features of our high end full auto thermo formers with the exception of auto cycling. All E-class models are engineered simplistically, for easy of operation and low maintenance. This economical alternative to full auto systems offers the same vacuum forming capabilities without the down time issues related to automated competitive systems.

A wide variety production oriented products can be produced on this Vacuum Forming machine, From heavy gauge deep drawn products to light gauge packaging components this system offers 21 years of, time proven engineering.

All E-class plastic molding equipment models are engineered with the highest quality componts and workmanship, for easy of operation and low maintenance.

53 X 53 Belovac Industries
Sale Price $13,900

Model  BV-E-Class  53'' X 33'' (135 x 84cm) Manual Sheet Fed

 Standard  Features:
Tooling Table 3 1/2'' (9cm) bore  Pneumatically driven tooling platen, 13'' (33cm) depth 
Plastic Clamping Fully adjustable Power-strut plastic clamping system  self opening one bar clamping maximum sheet size 33" x 53"(84 x 135cm).
Vacuum Hi-volume Hi-vac vacuum pump with 14 gal (53 liters) surge tank,1'' (3cm) orifice
Heater Panel Percentage  controlled  radiant heaters, 22 x 1500 watt  33 KiloWatts total , with edge size reduction.This model can be order up to 70'' (178cm) in length.
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Manual Sheet Fed
Available Options
Standard: Heat percentage control
Option:  PLC heat multi zone control
Standard;  Radiant cal heaters 
Option: Ceramic radiant heaters

BV industries technician's design and engineer our own heater panels ensuring the finest quality of consistent blanket heat that industries has to offer, for those projects when it really counts. .

All E-class vacuum forming machinery features a programmable heat time indicator for accurate heat time cycling, Coupled to a 0 to 100% percentage heat range controller for slow heating of acrylics and heavy gauge plastics. Our 53 x 33
(135 x 84cm) radiant heater panel, has 22 independent radiant rods developing 33 thousand watts of heat, featuring size down reduction switches for smaller sheet sizes

Standard; Plastic clamping frame two bolts
aliment brackets fully adjustable
E and A class vacuum forming equipment are offered with an optional Upper forming table. This feature allows the use of tooling plugs for material distribution
Standard: vacuum 1 HP pump
Option;  Pneumatic plastic Clamping 
All e-class vacuum formers are vacuum supported with a hi volume hi vac 1 hoarse power gas pump. Coupled with a standard 15 gal (57 liters)vacuum surge tank, upgradeable 30 gal (114 liters) for higher volume projects. This Equipment offers a size adjustable pneumatically delivered tooling table fitted with a 3 ½" (9cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder to insure positive plastic seal for those high profile plastic parts.