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Belovac’s Newest Model BV C Class Vacuum Forming Machines
Now offering PLC or standard controllers newly design for ease of operation and reliability. Shipped completely operational, set up to your specifications for production. Offering a full range of vacuum forming capabilities .... designed for entry level, and production-minded consumers. Featuring newly designed post and beam engineered technology, saving you 40% cost ....on local and world wide shipping.

Belovac engineers developed this proprietary post and beam frame system to address our customers' specific need to economically ship equipment worldwide. This budgetary C Class machine supports the same time proven industrial components found on all A and E Class machines while offering a substantial savings on the bottom line of your equipment cost.

Equipment capabilities

- High-Detail, Heavy Gauge vacuum thermoforming designed for entry level, and production-minded consumers.
- Recommended for plastics - ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene - kydex - Poly propylene - polycarbonate - Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)'s
- Belovac offers a free vacuum box setup and tool testing at no charge - shipped turnkey fully operational.
Current Sale Price $7,900.00 May-September
Financing Application

C-Class Vacuum Forming Machines Financing Options Calculator
Loan Term C-Class 24x48 / $7,900 C-Class 48x48 / $12,900 C-Class 48x96 / $18,900
5yr $162/mo $265/mo $389/mo
4yr $194/mo $317/mo $465/mo
3yr $250/mo $408/mo $597/mo
To consult with a Belovac representative call ☎ 951-741-4822 to discuss your specific project.
Leasing & financing options available upon approved credit, inquire today!

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Industries best selling vacuum forming machine series!

Model BV C-Class 24" x 48" (61 x 122cm) Heavy Guage Vacuum Forming Equipment Series

Equipment Specifications:

  • Sheet size 24x48 (61 x 122cm) (Custom sizes available at request)
  • Depth of draw 18 inches
  • Fully adjustable material clamping
  • Tooling table: 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting
  • Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit
  • Heater Panel: 20,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
  • Vacuum Pump: High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 20 Gallon surge tank
  • Construction: Post and Beam, Modular Frame System

  • Recommended for plastics  ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene- kydex - Poly propylene
  • Plastic gauges up to 1/4" (.64cm)

  • Electric Requirements:
  • Power requirement: 220 three phase 40 amps
C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Vacuum Former
High-Detail, Heavy Guage Vacuum Forming at an economical price


C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Vacuum Former with Overhead Assist
Recommended for inverted tools, deep draw pockets, multiple tool forming, outer-pinch mechanism
Infared Heater Panel
Featuring: 15,000 Watts of 0 - 100% Heat Controlled
Wired with Size-down option switches for smaller sheets
Option: Production Roll Holder
All C-Class models are available with an optional roll holder and front slitting guide recommended for light
guage plastics and height production projects, packaging, clam shells, blisters, trays and inserts.
C-Class 24x48 (61 x 122cm) Series Material Clamping Frame
Adjustable to any size, featuring Quickset 2-Bolt Self-Aligning Unistrut Assembly.

Plastic Parts made on Belovac® Machines
Difficult High Profile Plastic Parts
High Detail Plastic Precast Molds, Stone Pavers, Park Benches, etc.
Paver Stones

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